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A dunk is worth 2 points

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Q: How many points is a slam dunk in a pro basketball game?
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How many points is a dunk worthin basketball?

2 points worth a dunk

How many points is a dunk worth?

2 points

How many points do you get for a dunk?


How many points ahead do you have to be to win a basketball game?


How many points is a one on one basketball game?


How many points did Justin Bieber get in the all-star basketball game?

3 points

What does points allowed mean in basketball?

Points allowed means how many points your opponent scores in a game.

How many points of free throws are there in an average basketball game?


How many points does an average basketball player score a game?


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How many points win a basketball game?

greater than your opponent's

How many points did Michael Jordan score in his first college basketball game?

21 points

How many points should a 13 year old score in a basketball game?

101 points

How many sophomore's in high school can dunk a basketball?

ive been able to dunk seince i was a freshman

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How many points does a 3 pt field goal account for in a basketball game?

You said it in the question... 3 points!

What does a person mean when they ask you how many points you scored in a basketball game?

It is a simple question regarding a basketball asking about the number of baskets you score in the game.

How many points do teams get in a basketball game?

An average of around 100 in NBA games

How many points is worth a free throw in a basketball game?

1 but you get 2 shots

How many points did Michael Jordan score in his last college basketball game?


What men's college basketball team has scored the most points in a single game and how many points did they score?

Troy 256

How many women can dunk in basketball?

a lot girls are known to have a lot of abilities