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if it is a kick off then none but if it is a kick after a goal then 1

the kick off in football is only worth 1 point 2 The kickoff is designed to place the ball in play after a team scores points. The kickoff is worth no points.

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13y ago get the ball at the 20 yard line

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In soccer you have to score a goal with a free kick, no points are given.

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Q: How many points is a kick off in Football worth?
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How many points is a field goal worth in football?

3 points. But a drop kick (which is similar to a field goal) is worth 2 points. A drop kick is where you drop the ball on the ground and let it bounce up in the air then kick it through the goal posts. This is very difficult to do and is very rarely tried in the nfl.

How many points is a touchdown in football worth?

In American and Canadian football, scoring a touchdown is worth 6 points. The team than has a choice to kick for a single extra point or pass or run for two more points. This play is called the convert, which essentially means trying to score again.

How many points is a conversion worth in football?

One point for kicking, two points for running or passing.

Touchdowns are worth how many points?

A touchdown is worth six points in American football.

How many points is a PAT worth in a football game?

2 points

How many points is a regular field goal?

In football it is worth 3 points. In Basketball it is worth 2 points.

How many points do high school football touchdowns get?

A touchdown in highschool football is worth 6 points.

How many points are safeties worth in football?


How many points are awarded for extra points in football?

1 point for a kick, and two points for anything else such as a run or pass play.

How many points is a safety worth in football?

a safety is worth 2 points for the opposite team.

How many points is a field goal worth in collage football?


How many points was a touchdown worth in 1800?

The concept of a "touchdown" did not exist in American football until 1876, and at that time it didn't award any points -- it simply gave the team the opportunity to kick a field goal. The first time points were awarded for touchdowns was in 1883, and they were worth 4 points. The kick after the touchdown (i.e., the "try") was also worth 4 points. Note that the term "touchdown" was coined because the ball actually had to be touched down to the ground in the end zone. This requirement was removed in 1889.