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A field goal in Basketball is worth three points while a free throw is worth 1 point

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Q: How many points is a field goal worth in basket ball?
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How many points is a made basket worth?

4 points, but if foul it it is 3 point. This is the columbian basket ball rule.

How many points are baskets worth?

Baskets in basket ball are worth two points, but if the basketball is shot behind the 3-point line it is worth three ponts

When a player shoots the ball in the basket for two or three points?

Foul shot(free throw)- one point per basket Field Goal- two points When you are behind the 3 point line- 3 points

In basketball what is a dunk?

a dunk is when a basketball player j's the ball

What are the points about basketball?

To earn points in basketball, you sink the ball in the basket.

How many points is field goal?

A field goal (kicking the ball through the uprights at the end of the field) is worth 3 points in American football. There is no "point after" attempt for a field goal. In contrast, a touchdown (carrying the ball past the goal line) is worth 6 points and allows an attempt for an additional point after touchdown, which closely resembles a field goal.

When is a field goal worth 6 points?

A field goal is worth 6 points when:Its a fake field goal and the kicker or holder throws a td pass or runs the ball into the endzonea kick is blocked and the blocking team runs the ball into the endzoneyou are in a fantasy league who awards 6 points for extra long Field Goals

How many points is the Brown ball worth in snooker?

The brown ball is the 4 ball and worth 4 points.

What is worth 3 points when the kicker kicks the ball through the goal post?

In US Football, 3 points are awarded for a Field Goal.

What is a field goal and how many points are awarded?

A field goal is when a team kicks the ball through the two goalposts (not an extra point, which is a kick taken after a touchdown). A field goal is worth 3 points

Who holds the record for career points in basket ball?

Wilt Chamberlain

How many coloured balls in a game of snooker?

Snooker is played with 15 red balls (worth 1 point each) 1 yellow ball (worth 2 points) 1 green ball (worth 3 points) 1 brown ball (worth 4 points) 1 blue ball (worth 5 points) 1 pink ball (worth 6 points) 1 black ball (worth 7 points) and 1 white ball which is used by the players and is not worth anything.