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There is no 'mercy rule' in the NFL. The game is played to the end regardless of the score. The biggest shutout in NFL history came in the 1940 NFL Championship Game when the Bears defeated the Redskins, 73-0.

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Q: How many points in a NFL game can be scored as a shut-out before officials call the end of game?
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What is the most points Ohio state ever scored in a football game?

Ohio State scored their most points ever in a single game in a 128-0 shutout win over Oberlin (Ohio) College in 1916.

If you have a shutout in regulation time but lose the shootout does the goalie still get a shutout?

Yes.Players don't get points for goals scored in a shootout, so it also doesn't count for the goalie.

Before Bernard King scored 60 points who held the Knicks record for points in a single game?

Richie Guerin; who scored 57 points on December 11, 1959 vs Syracuse.

What is it called when a goalie isn't scored on?

A shutout

What NFL team scored the least points in a Super Bowl?

The 1971 Miami Dolphins. The year before their perfect season, Miami scored only three points in a Super Bowl VI loss to the Dallas Cowboys (who scored 24).

What is the highest score ever reached by a single person in one game on basketball?

On February 5th, 1974 Mats Wermelin scored 272 points. According to the Guinness book of World records, Wermelin---a 13-year-old boy---scored all 272 points in the shutout win in Stockholm during a regional boys tournament. The highest ever score for an NBA player is Wilt Chamberlain who scored 100 points on March 2, 1962.

How many points did west Virginia football team score in 1999?

292 in 11 games.The fewest points they scored was 0 when shutout by Maryland, 33-0, on September 18. The most points was 62 against Rutgers on October 16 when they won 62-16.

What consitutes a soccer shutout?

No goals scored on your or the opposing team

John scored 23 more points than the rest of his team his team scored 99 points how many points did john score?

John scored 61 points.

If a pitcher pitches a complete game and gives up 1 run that was unearned is it still a shutout?

No, the pitcher will not get charged with the run, but since the other team scored a least 1 run it is no longer a shutout regardless how it scored.

What does net points means in NFL?

The Net Points in NFL Standing represents the PF (points for, or points scored by the team) minus PA (points against, or points scored by opponents on the team). AKA it is how many more points a team has scored than they have let up.

What player holds the NBA record for points scored in a quarter?

George Gervin and Carmelo Anthony both had 33 points in a quarter before.

Who was the flames first goaltender to record a 10-0 shutout streak?

The one who scored 10-0 shutout streaks is Niklas Backstrom

Who Scored over 80 points in the NBA?

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in one game. Kobe Bryant scored 81 points in one game.

What is the most points scored in a NFL game?

The most points scored in a NFL video game is 105 points.

If Carlos scored 15 points than john in the basketball gameif the product of two points total is 154 how many points did each boy score?

Carlos scored 92 points and John scored 62 points.

Has there ever been a shutout in the Super Bowl?

No. As of February 2014, and Super Bowl XLVIII, no team has ever been shutout in the Super Bowl. The fewest points scored in a Super Bowl was 3 in Super Bowl VI by the Miami Dolphins who lost to the Dallas Cowboys 24-3 in January, 1972.

What is the Highest number of points scored by an NBA basketball player in an NBA game?

The highest number of points scored by an NBA basketball player in an NBA game is 100 points by Wilt Chaimberlain. The second most scored points in the NBA is by Kobe Bryant, at 81 points in a game. The third most scored points in a game, is again by Wilt at 79 points.

What was the most points scored in American football?

222 Points scored by Georgia Tech

What are the most points scored by a team in an NBA game?

the most points scored is 186 by the Detroit pistons

The total number of points scored in a basketball game was 120 the winning team scored 78 of those points what percent of the points were scored by the winning team?

65 percent

What is the most points in a NFL video game scored?

The most points scored in a NFL video game is 105 points.

How many points are scored for try in rugby?

Trys scored in the Union Code have 5 points and in League 4 points

Who scored the most points at the 1992 men's olympic basketball game?

I believe Oscar Schmidt of Brazilian National team scored the most points. He scored 198 points in 8 games, 24.8 points on average. I don't know if someone scored higher than him.

Which of the three teams that lost 4 super bowls scored the least points?

That would be the Minnesota Vikings who scored 34 points in their four losses. The Denver Broncos scored 50 points in their four losses and the Buffalo Bills scored 73 points in their four losses.