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As of 3-13-09 Kobe Bryant has scored a total of 23,417 points in his career.

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Q: How many points has Kobe Bryant scored in his NBA career?
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How many points has Kobe scored in his career?

Kobe Bryant has scored 40,000 in his career !

How many points did Kobe Bryant's dad score in his career?

Kobe Bryant's dad, Joe 'Jellybean' Bryant, scored 5252 points during his career.

Who scored 81 points?

Kobe Bryant

Who's better Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are the same

Who has the highest career average of points scored per game in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant with 31.2 ppg

What is Kobe Bryant's career high?

Kobe scored 81 points vs Toronto at home in 05/06 season

How many 30 point games in Kobe Bryant career?

He has 498 games where he has scored at least 30 points

Who has more points in his career lebron James or Kobe Bryant?

Kobe bryant of course

Kobe Bryant career high?

Kobe Bryant's career high was 81 points against the Toronto Raptors

What is the highest points Kobe Bryant has scored in a half?

55 points

When did Kobe score 83 points?

January 22nd 2006 Kobe Bryant scored 81 points.

Who scored the most points in NBA 2008?

That was Kobe Bryant with 2,323 points.