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There are no points for pocketing a particular color ball in billiards. However, snooker awards 1 point for potting (the term used for pocketing by snooker players) a red ball.

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Q: How many points for potting the red in billiards?
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What is the highest score from a break in billiards?

10 points being 2 points for hitting both your opponents and the red ball (a cannon) a further 2 points for then potting your opponents ball, potting the red gives you an additional 3 and a further 3 points for then going 'in-off' that red giving 10 in total

How many points is needed to win in the game billiards?

In bIlliards there is no point limit. The game is either timed (Pre-determined) or reaching a agreed point value. Points are allocated: Object ball - Pot or in-off (3) Opponnet ball - (2) Canon - (2) Hope this helps

What happens if you score two points in a billiards game?

there are no points in a billiards game. Do you by any chance reffer to pocketing two red balls at the same shot in a SNOOKER game? In that case you get two points and an extra shot.

How many red balls billiards?

In true Billiards there is only 1 red ball. In snooker there are 15 reds.

How many points for potting a red then knocking a pink in accidentally?

thats a foul shot so the opponent gets 6 points instead because its a pink ball foul

How many color balls are there in billiards?

In English Billiards there are 3 balls. White, white with spot (or yellow ball) and red.

How many red balls on a billiard table?

In English Billiards, 1.

How do you score in snooker?

By scoring 1 point for a red followed by potting a colour. Then another red followed by a colour & so on. Colours score 2 for Yellow 3 for green 4 for brown 5 for blue 6 for pink & 7 for black.The related link gives you more information. In summary if a red is potted it is a score of 1. This may be followed by any color where yellow is 2, green is 3, brown is 4, blue is 5, pink is 6 and black is 7. Once all the reds have been potted it is the colors again in sequence. Points are also awarded when an opponent fouls. The minimum foul score is 4 points but a foul on the blue, pink and black is 5, 6 or 7.

In billiards what color is the 3 ball?


What does a billiards ball look like?

The English Billiards balls are either white or red.

How many balls on a billiard table?

i really do not know so can u please ask a better question and 1 that makes senseThe game of billiards is played with 3 balls, one is all red, another is all white, and the third is all white with a black spot. The spot ball is used by the person who takes first shot, the other white ball is used by his rival. 3 points are scored by a) potting or going "in off" the red, 2 points if a player can strike his own ball so that it touches both of the other balls, called a "cannon", 2 points for going "in off" your rival's ball.There are also "foul" shots which give points to your opponent.

How many colors in billiard?

Two. There are two white and one red ball used for billiards.