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As of 2011 he got 17,399 points so far...

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โˆ™ 2011-12-26 12:31:14
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Q: How many points does lebron james have in his whole career?
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How any points has lebron James scored in his whole career?

Lebron has 12118 in his NBA career. A cool fact is that he's the youngest player to reach 10,000.

How many games has LeBron James played in his whole career?


How many steals does LeBron James have in his whole career?

right now he has 820

What is LeBron James whole name?

Lebron Raymone James

How many times has lebron James been ejected from a game?

0 times. he has had only 10 technical fouls on him in his whole career.

How many 3 point shots has Lebron James shot?

73 Le Bron James has had 73 3 point shots in his whole career as a NBA basketball player and everybody calls him king James

What is LeBron James culture?

Hip Hop with a whole lot of class

How many points does Michael Jordan have in his whole career?

He scored 32,292 points.

How many points did Wayne Gretzky get in his whole career?

Gretzky had 3923 points OILERS ROCK NOT......

What is the definition of LeBron James?

A beast, he is the best basketball player in the whole friggen world. HE IS GREAT

How many points did spud webb score in his whole career?

Spud Webb career stats are 8,072 points scored in 814 games for an average of 9.9 points per game.

How many points did Dwyane Wade score in his whole career?

He has scored 14 658 in his career so far.

How many games does LeBron James have a year?

Each team plays 70 games a year so if Lebron James doesn't get injured or anything, he'll play the whole 70 games per season.

How many points does Kobe Bryant did in his whole career in nba?

I think it must be about 30,030

How many 3 points do ray Allen have in whole his career?

2,409 so far.

How many points does Kobe Bryant have throughout his whole career?

23,820 points as of the end of the 2008-2009 NBA season.81 points carrer high

How many points Kobe Bryant had score in his whole nba career?

1....maybe 2

Who hit more clutch shots Kobe or lebron?

Kobe is certainly the best in the NBA in clutch situations. LeBron barely made any his whole career (all I know is the one in Magic and that other team). Kobe also made 6 game winners this 09-10 season. I think he made 25 game winners his whole career.

Is LeBron James Hated by Cavs fans?

Yes. Lebron James promised to the Cavs that hed stay with them because he was their only GOOD player on the team. But, Lebron left onto a better-working team, Miami Heat on 2010. He left because the Cavs needed a good player for once, and he was pretty much the Cavs whole career. When he left, the Cavs sucked again, and needed a good player. Although, they later received Kyrie Irving, they are still mad and angry at Lebron for breaking a promise and leaving the Cavs to another team. The team still remains with hatred toward his decision to leave, and not to stay.

How many points does Kobe have in his whole career without playoffs and all-star games?

After 38 games of the 2007-08 season, Kobe Bryant had scored 20,347 regular season points.

How many rings does have LeBron James have?

He Has Zero.. As Of Noww- Btt Dhts Cuzz He Was Dha Whole Team- When He Was Witt Dha Cavs; Nows He Witt Wade? Mightt Gett 1 !!

How many pickoffs does Andy Pettitte have in his career?

99 in his whole career

How many points has Allen Iverson made since he started playing basketball?

ALLEN IVERSON HAS A CAREER HIGH O5 ABOUT 12,987 POINTS HIS WHOLE BASKETBALL CAREER THAT INCLUDES HIS HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE YEARS. how many points i think iversons has made over 15,000 because he is the best He is the best, but your not giving him nearly enough credit A.I has 23,131 points in the Nba and about 1,800 for his college years

How many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored in his whole career?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 231 goals in his whole career.

How many goals has Sidney Crosby scored in his whole NHL career?

Jan. 1 2011 he has 356 goals, 215 assists, and adding up to 517 points