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According to the Duke Basketball web site ( Reddick scored 2769 points during his career.

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Q: How many points does jj reddick have?
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How many points did jj reddick score at duke?

i think 2,766

Why does jj redick haven't have a girlfriend?

JJ Reddick does not have a girlfriend because he is married. JJ Reddick is married to Chelsea Reddick. He is a professional basketball player.

Jj reddick how old is he?

He is 24

Is JJ Reddick gay?


Which ACC players are in the NBA?

jj reddick

How far behind is tyler hansbrough behind in points jj reddick?

tyler hansbrough is the current leader in all-time points scored in the ACC. he leads by a couple hundred points.

Who is a better 3 point basketball shooter JJ reddick or Salim Stodimire?

I think JJ reddick is a better 3 point shooter i mean look att the NBA i mean i saw jj hit a 3 to tie the celtics

How many career points does tyler hansbrough have?

Tyler finished his college career with 2872 points. He passed Phil Ford to become the University of North Carolina's point leader and JJ Reddick of Duke to become the ACC point leader.

What is the record for consecutive 3 pointers in a college season?

85 by jj reddick

Who made the Most three pointers in college history?

JJ Reddick, Duke, 473

What player holds the NCAA record for most consecutive 3 pointers?

Jj reddick

Who was the leading scorer for DUke University 2006-07 men basketball season?

jj reddick