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top 8 teams of each conference get into the playoffs. how many points that is depends on the standings of the teams

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Q: How many points does it take to make Stanley cup playoffs?
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How many times have the Pittsburgh Penguins been in the Stanley Cup playoffs?

They have been to the Stanley Cup finals 4 times and countless playoffs.

How many points does a team need to make it to the NHL playoffs?


How many teams make the Stanley cup playoffs?

Sixteen - 8 from the Western Conference and 8 from the Eastern Conference.

How many times have the Pittsburgh Penguins been to the playoffs?

They have made it into the Stanley Cup Playoffs 30 times!

How many points have Kobe scored in the playoffs?


How many games do you need to win to get the Stanley cup?

You need to gain enough points (2 points for wins and 1 for overtime or shootout losses) in the regular season to make the playoffs. This number depends on all the teams performances (top-8 teams in each conference make the playoffs). Once you hit the postseason you need to win 16 games in total (4 for the conference quarterfinals, 4 for conference semifinals, 4 for the conference finals, and 4 for the Stanley Cup Finals).

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How many points did Sidney Crosby get in the 2008 playoffs?


How many games are in the Stanley Cup semifinals?

in the Stanley cup playoffs, teams compete in a best of seven series in each round

How many teams can make the MLS playoffs?

12 teams make it into the mls playoffs

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How many games NHL playoffs?

That depends, when a team makes it into the Stanley Cup playoffs they play teams in a best of seven game (first to four wins) series. The elimination style playful structure is designed to consist of 4 rounds including the Stanley Cup Finals for the two teams which are talented enough to make it past their competitors. So a team can play as little as 16 games throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs or as many as 28.

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