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Q: How many points does Tim duncan have with the San Antonio Spurs?
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How many championships does Tim Duncan has?

He's won 4 NBA championships, all with the San Antonio Spurs

What is the name of the n.b.a player who plated for San Antonio Spurs?

There are many players that play for San Antonio um theres Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, Richard Jefferson. What player are you talking about?

How many players on the 2005-06 San Antonio Spurs averaged over 10 points per game?


The Houston Rockets beat the San Antonio Spurs 110 to 83 points how many points did both teams score all together?

110 + 83 = 193 points

How many games has San Antonio Spurs won?

From 1976 to the present, the San Antonio Spurs have won 1492 games.

How many championships do San Antonio spurs have?

The San antonio Spurs have 4 championships. Here are the years: 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007.

How many championships does San Antonio Spurs won?

The San Antonio Spurs have won 4 Championships. In 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007.

Did Tim Duncan (the player in San Antonio Spurs) earn a master's degree in psychology?

Tim Duncan of the San antionio Spurs was indeed a psychology major awake Fort. He studies psychology for many years before getting the job as an nba player. But his studies did not go to waste as he holds the Tim Duncan Foundation to help kids in need of education. Hoped this helped

How many total championships have the San Antonio Spurs won?


How many nba title have the spurs won?

The San Antonio Spurs have won exactly four titles at the time of this writing.

How many champions have San Antonio Spurs won?

4 championships (1999,2003,2005,2007)

How many NBA championships has San Antonio spurs won?

5 championships(1999,2003,2005,2007,2014)

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