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He scored 32,292 points.

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Q: How many points does Michael Jordan have in his whole career?
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What is Michael Jordan known for?

Michael Jordan is known for his great ability to play basketball. he played in only 2 teams in his whole career Chicago buls and the Washington wizards. he played in both teams as the number 23.

What numbers did Michael Jordan wore for the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan wore 23 his whole time at Chicago.

What grades did Michael Jordan get in school?

up your buty whole

When was Michael Jordan most famous throughout his whole basketball career?

He was a winner played the whole game could shoot 3's, play when he was I'll he was the best all around guard to ever hit the floor! His Yemenies ( other teams feared him)

Who is the most famous person in sports in the whole world?

Michael Jordan

Did Michael Jordan get screwed his whole life in contracts from the Chicago bulls?


How many points did Wayne Gretzky get in his whole career?

Gretzky had 3923 points OILERS ROCK NOT......

What artist has the highest album sales?

Michael Jackson- thriller- 100 million off one album. the beatles- 270 million whole career Elvis- 266 million whole career Michael Jackson- 150 million whole career.

How many points does lebron james have in his whole career?

As of 2011 he got 17,399 points so far...

How much do Michael Jordan championship ring cost?

A whole lot of money

How many points did spud webb score in his whole career?

Spud Webb career stats are 8,072 points scored in 814 games for an average of 9.9 points per game.

How many points did Dwyane Wade score in his whole career?

He has scored 14 658 in his career so far.

How many albums did Michael Jackson make in his whole career?


Who is the best basketball player in the whole entire world?

Michael Jordan

In His Whole Career How many medals has Michael Phelps won?

In Michael Phelps' Olympic career, he has won about 30 medals (20 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze).

How many points does Kobe Bryant did in his whole career in nba?

I think it must be about 30,030

How many 3 points do ray Allen have in whole his career?

2,409 so far.

How many points does Kobe Bryant have throughout his whole career?

23,820 points as of the end of the 2008-2009 NBA season.81 points carrer high

How many MVP's do MIchael Jordan earn?

He had 6 finals MVP and 5 in MVPs for the whole NBA

Did Michael Jordan played basketball his whole entire life?

No. He also played in the minor leagues in baseball.

How many points Kobe Bryant had score in his whole nba career?

1....maybe 2

Was Michael Jordan a good basketball player or was he good or bad?

he was the best in the whole nba so ta he is good

What is the most expensive Micheal Jordan card?

A 1986-87 Fleer Basketball Michael Jordan rookie sold for $100,000 at auction on June 5, 2011. The Michael Jordan rookie card is considered by many to be a cornerstone of basketball card collecting and sports memorabilia as a whole. See the related link.

How any points has lebron James scored in his whole career?

Lebron has 12118 in his NBA career. A cool fact is that he's the youngest player to reach 10,000.

What is a sealed set of 1996 metal Michael Jordan cards worth?

you are looking at about 150-200 dollars for the whole set.