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Kobe Bryant have 25278 points now

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Q: How many points does Kobe Bryant have after the game at menphis today 2 fevrier 2010?
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Who has scored the most points in the nba?

In the 1961-1962 season Wilt Chamberlain score 4029 points in 80 games for an average of 50.4 points scored per game.

Who is the highest paid basketball player today?

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is the highest salaried player in the NBA, with a yearly salary of almost 25 million dollars.

Who are the best basketball players today?

These are in no particular order: Steve Nash Lebron James Dwayne Wade Ray Allen Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce Kobe Bryant Amare Stoudemire Derrick Rose Carmelo Anthony

What organ of a buffalo did Plains Indians use to make an arrowhead?

Some Plains arrow points were made of antelope, elk or buffalo bone (not from animal organs), attached with sinew taken from a buffalo's legs or spine. Bone points do not survive as well as those of metal or stone so there are only a few in museums today. As soon as white traders arrived, natives quickly obtained ready-made metal points as well as thin sheet metal and tools for making their own. Stone and bone points became obsolete at that instant. Jim Hamm in his book "Bows and Arrows of the Native Americans" states that he has seen bone points made by Kiowas on the southern Plains, plus a few from the northern Plains, but they are today quite rare. His experiments show that antelope leg bones make sharper bone points than either buffalo or deer - heating the point allows it to take a sharper edge as well as hardening it.

When was the last time an NFL team scored only 2 points?

Well, today of course. The Falcons lost 24-2 to the Giants. Don't know the previous time.

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