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Q: How many points do you receive when you score a point outside of the 3 points arch?
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How many points do you score outside the semicircle in basketball?

you score 3 points

Where can you score 1 2 and 3 points on a basketball court?

Each basket is worth 1 point at the foul line, 2 points inside of the 3-point line, and 3 points outside of the 3-point line.

If you win in a magners league match how many points do you earn?

You receive 4 points for a win, and an extra 1 bonus point if you score 4 tries or more.

If you shoot from the 3 point line in basketball will you score 6 points?

No, you will score 3 points.

How do you score a goal in gymnastics?

in gymnastics you don't "score goals" you compete and receive points.

How many points are scored for a basket shot from outside the three point line?


How many point do you receive in frisbee when you score?

one point

What is a point called in basketball?

In basketball you score points, not goals.

What was the most point Kobe score?

81 points

How many points do you get for a field goal in basketball?

it depends on where u are standing. if your outside the 3 point line u get 3 points and anywhere inside the 3 point line is 2 points. if ur shooting a foul shot u only get one point

How many points does a conversion score in football?

1 point

How many points do you get in basketball?

3 points - for a score made from beyond the "3-point line/arch" 2 points - for a score made from a close range or within the "3-point line" 1 point - for each foul shot made (from the foul line) aka "free throw".