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Q: How many points do you play to in badminton singles?
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How many points do you play upto in badminton?

7 points

What is the winning score in singles badminton?

The BWF Badminton Super Series Championship it suppose to play 21 points. If you are normal playing with you friends or you parents if you like it you can play 11 or also 21 points. Normally ,when you are normal playing everybody will play 11 points.

How many points do you go to when you play badminton?

1 match is played to 11 points.

How many players is badminton played up to?

You can play singles or doubles.

How many people play badminton in a team?

Badminton is played like tennis, in singles or doubles. It is not a team sport.

How many points are in badminton?

usually 21 but if you want to play it shorter then 15

How many people play badminton?

in singles there are there is 2 on each team. nnmkxsdmks ckd ubfbsd vdudbhjksbldv vfuf fdiukBSVBDIUD FUF IES;BKZA lot of people play badminton.

How many points do you need to win a badminton game?

11 or 12 depends how many you play to

How many points do you play to in badminton doubles?

20, the same as in singles. However the winning team must be two points clear of the losers, or the game continues until one side reaches 30. This means that a side cannot win 20 - 19, but must continue to 21-19 and so on.

What is the object of badminton?

In Badminton you play to twenty one point, you can play singles, doubles or mixed doubles, singles means that you play by yourself against another player. Doubles is when two people of the same sex play against two people of the same sex, and mixed doubles is when a girl and a boy play doubles against another boy and girl. The object of badminton is to be the first to twenty one points, you want to hit the shots high and deep or short and low, so that you are making the other player move to get all the shots. when someone reaches 21 points then the game would be finished, but the winner must win by 2 points so if the score is 20 21 you would then play so that the person who get to 23 first wins and so on.

How many calories do you burn play badminton?

depends how long you play for

How many players are allowed to play badminton?

One player on each side of the court separated by the net on singles play and Two player on each side of the court separated by the net on doubles play.

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