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There is no exact amount of points needed to advance. The field of teams is broken down into groups of four. Each group's teams play each other once, making a total of three games for each team. Winning a game awards a team 3 points, while a tie awards both teams 1 point. At the end of the three games, the two teams with the most points advance to the next stage.

The lowest point scenario would run like this:

Team A beats Team B - 3 points for Team A

Team C ties Team D - 1 point for Team C and Team D

Team A beats Team C - 3 points for Team A

Team B ties Team D - 1 point for Team B and Team D

Team A beats Team D - 3 points for Team A

Team B ties Team C - 1 point for Team B and Team C

This would put the points as follows:

Team A - 9 points

Team B - 2 points

Team C - 2 points

Team D - 2 points

In this case, Team A would advance, and who ever had the higher goal difference (goals scored-goals allowed) between Team B, C and D would advance as well.

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Q: How many points do you need to get to the second round of world cup?
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