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1,950 ranking points - 50 points less than for a grand slam - are an offer at the World Tour Finals, 1,500 of which are awarded to the winner.

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Q: How many points do you get if you win Barclay's tennis world tour final?
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Who sponsor the ATP World Tour Finals?

Barclays Bank and Pacific tennis brand.

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How many points do you get if you win the final in world cup?

250.000$ for each player

Who will be world number 1 in the tennis rankings after Wimbledon?

Roger Federer 1st at 11075 points Novak Djokovic 2nd at 11000 points Raffael Nadal 3rd at 8905 points Andy Murray 4th at 7460 points

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What does it mean to defend ranking points in tennis?

In tennis, world rankings are determined by points. Players earn points throughout the year by competing well in multiple tournaments on the pro tour. This system means that the no. 2 player can beat the no.1 player in any given match, but they will not be guaranteed to takeover the no.1 spot. Thus players must defend ranking points if they want to remain at the top of the world rankings.

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