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You Get 2000 Points

And Runner Up


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2012-06-07 10:36:54
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Q: How many points do you get for winning a grand slam?
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How many points does a player get after winning a tennis grand slam event?

2000 Points

What is the point value of winning a grand slam?

Currently the points for winning a grand slam are 2000. and 1200 for the runner up.

How many rankings points do you get for winning the US Open?

Both men and women score 2000 ranking points for winning any Grand Slam Tournament, including the US Open.

How many points for Grand Slam tennis champion?

If you win a grand slam you earn 2000 points in the South African Airways ATP rankings.

How many points go to runner-up in grand slam tennis?


In Bridge what exactly is a grand slam?

A grand slam is bidding and winning a contract of 13 tricks (all) in any suit or in no-trump. A small slam is bidding and winning a contract of 12 tricks (all but 1).

What is the biggest shock in rugby?

Scotland winning a Grand Slam

What is a slam in the game of tennis?

A slam in pro tennis is winning all four grand slams in a row.

How many ranking points do you earn if you win Wimbledon?

It is 2000 points, the same value as all grand slam events

Will Roger Federer be number one now he won US Open?

No,they go by how many points you have by winning matches and lots for the Finals,grand slam and semi finals he still needs alot more points to catch up to Nadal

How many points are required for a small slam in bridge?

Generally, 32 points for a Small Slam. Sometimes 31 points will work, and for a No Trump slam, typically you want to be in the range of 33 points. For a Grand Slam, you want to be in the 37 point range - only missing one King or a Queen and a Jack.

What is winning all 4 grand slams in one season called?

it is called a career grand slam

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