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Q: How many points did New England Patriots score 2012 season?
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How many points did the New England Patriots score this season?


How many points did the patriots score in 2001?

The New England Patriots scored 371 points in the 2001 regular season.

How many points did the New England Patriots score in 2008?

The 2008 New England Patriots scored 410 points during the regular season.

How many points did the NE Patriots score during the 2008 season?

The 2008 New England Patriots scored 410 points.

How Many Points did the patriots score in the 2006-2007 postseason?

The 2006-07 New England Patriots finished the season 12-4 before losing in the playoffs. That year they scored 385 points during the regular season and 95 during the post-season.

Which NFL teams score most points 2010?

The New England Patriots

What is the average number of points the New England Patriots score on Monday nights?

probably 31 points

Did ne patriots ever have ther final score be 32 points?

Yes. The last time the Patriots scored exactly 32 points in a game was in the 2003 post-season. On February 1, 2004, in Super Bowl XXXVIII, the New England Patriots defeated the Carolina Panthers 32 - 29.

How many total points did the colts score in the 2007 season?

The Colts scored 450 points in the 2007 regular season, third overall in the NFL behind the Patriots and Cowboys.

Were the New England Patriots knocked out of the playoffs in 2009?

Yes. As of the '09-'10 football season the New England Patriots were put out of the playoffs in the first round by the Baltimore Ravens. The score was 33-14.

Who was the only person to score the last points and a Super Bowl and the score the opening points in the new season?

Adam Vinateri of the New England Patriots scored the last points of Super Bowl XXXVIII and the first point of the 2004 NFL regular season. The scoring: Super Bowl XXXVIII, New England vs the Carolina Panthers: - Vinateri kicks a 41 yard game winning field goal vs the Carolina Panthers with :09 seconds left on the clock, scoring the last points of the game. 2004 Season Opener, New England vs the Indianapolis Colts: - Vinateri kicks 32 yard field goal vs the Indianapolis Colts for the Patriots with 10:12 left in the first quarter, scoring the first points of the 2004 NFL Season.

When did the patriots score eighty-one points on the jaguars?

The Patriots have never scord 81 points in a single game.