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Michael Jordan made a total of 32,292 points over the course of his career.

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Q: How many points did Michael Jordan get before he retired?
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Who has more points Kobe or Michael Jordan at same age end of 2008 2009 season for Kobe?

2008-2009 Kobe Bryant #24: Age 30:2,896 points 1993-1994 Michael Jordan #23: Age 30: Retired So Kobe Bryant scored more points than Michael Jordan at age 30 because Michael Jordan was retired.

Who retired as the all-time NBA career playoff points leader?

Michael Jordan

Why is Michael Jordan not in the basketball hall of fame?

No he hasn't been retired long enough. You have to be retired 5 years, and Jordan played his last NBA game on April 16, 2003 when he scored 15 points against Philadelphia in a losing cause. Jordan has now been inducted into the Hall of Fame. More info at the link below.

How many points did Michael Jordan average in each game?

His career average was 30.4 points per game when he retired the second time from the Bulls and he averaged 30.1 points per game over his career after his two year stint with the Washington Wizards

How many points did Michael Jordan score in a game?

The most Michael Jordan has ever scored in a game was 69 points against the Cavs on March 28, 1990. :)

What was the most points Michael Jordan scored in 1 game?

Michael Jordan's highest scoring game was 69 points in an overtime contest against the Cavaliers in 1990.

What was Michael Jordan's last game before his last retirement?

The final game in Michael Jordan's career was April 16, 2003 against the Philadelphia 76ers. Jordan scored 15 points in 28 minutes as the 76ers defeated Washington 107-87.

What is the highest scoring points Michael Jordan has gotten in nba?

Jordan scored 69 points against the Clevland Cavs.

How many points did Michael Jordan average for his career?

Michael Jordan averaged 30.1 PPG (Points Per Game) during his career. He is the all time leader in this category.

How many points did Michael Jordan have at the end of his career?

32,292 career points.

How many points does Michael Jordan have in his whole career?

He scored 32,292 points.

Which player has scored more points than Michael Jordan?

Michael jordan highest was 69 and kobe bryants highest was 81

How many points did Michael Jordan score?


Where did Michael Jordan score his 10000th points?


Who are the playoff leaders by total points?

Michael Jordan is currently the playoff leader in points with 5,987 points!

What is Michael Jordan's most points in a game?

69 points against Cleveland in 1990

How got more points Micheal Jordan or Kobe Bryant?

Kobe has more points in the All-star game but in the real games Michael Jordan has more points

In the nba who is the all time point playoff leader?

Michael Jordan with 5987 points in 179 playoff games for an average of 33.4 points per game.

What was Michael Jordan's highest scoring game?

97 points.

Who has the most points in NBA playoff history?

Michael Jordan

Who had the most points in the NBA in the 1990 season?

Michael Jordan.

How many points did Michael Jordan have in 1982 national championship game?


How many points did Michael Jordan score when he was sick?


Who led the NCAA in points for basketball in 1982?

Michael Jordan

What was the fewest amount of points Michael Jordan has scored?