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Typically a best of 3 or best of 5 series and the winner of each game is the first team to score 25 points and win by 2 or more.

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Q: How many points are there in the volley ball game for men and women?
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How many points does each team have to get before wining q volley ball game?

21 points

If the volley ball game is tied 24 to 24 how many points do you need to win by?

you must win by 2.

What game is played by throwing and catching a large ball over a net?

That could just be a fun game of beach volley ball. In volley ball you don't actually catch the ball.

In which game the word dribbling is used?

Volley Ball

What ia the national game of France?

volley ball

How many players are allowed on a volley ball field at one time during a game?

12 players are allowed on a volley ball field at one time during a game.

What is the India's International ranking in volley ball game?


Who created the game of volley ball?

William G. Morgan

How do player rotate when playing a volley ball game?

they just turn themselves around very slowly.(i have seen my bff play volley ball)

How do you use volley in a sentence?

She was able to volley the tennis ball back over the net with precision.

Is volley ball national game of any country?

Sri lanka

When was the first game of volley ball played?

July 7th 1896