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  • Sprint Cup Series (36 races)
  • Nationwide Series (33 races)
  • Camping World Truck Series (22 races)
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Q: How many point races are in a Nascar season?
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How many NASCAR races in 1964?

There were 62 races in 1964, the most in NASCAR history for one season.

How many races were run in the 1967 NASCAR season?

48 races were run

How many races are there in a NASCAR season?

The Sprint Cup Series has 36 point races and 5 non point races. The Nationwide Series has 35 and the Camping World Truck Series has 25.

How many total races are there in the Nascar Nationwide Series?

The Nascar Nationwide Series runs a total of 35 races in a season.

How many Nascar Sprint Cup races can a driver enter in?

A Nascar Cup Series driver can enter 36 races throughout the season.

How many Nascar Cup Series races has Kyle Busch driven in?

Through the 2013 season, Kyle Busch has driven in 329 Nascar Cup Series races.

How many Nascar races do you have to start in your rookie season to finish your rookie year?


How many wins in Nascar does Matt Kenseth have?

Through the 2013 season, Matt Kenseth won 31 Nascar Cup Series races and 28 Nationwide Series races.

How many races did Carl Edwards start in the Nascar Cup Series?

Through the 2013 season, Carl Edwards has started 337 Nascar Cup Series races in his career.

How many Nascar Cup Series races did Jimmie Johnson compete in during the 2012 season?

In 2012, Jimmie Johnson competed in 36 Nascar Sprint Cup Series races.

How many Nascar Sprint Cup races are restrictor plate races?

The Nascar Sprint Cup Series has four restrictor plate races per season. Two at Daytona International Speedway and two at Talladega Superspeedway.

How many races in Nascar in 1979?

In 1979, there were 31 Nascar Winston Cup Series races.

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