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Lewis Hamilton has been on the podium 5 times this season.

1. 1st place - Hungary

2. 2nd place - Europe

3. 1st place - Singapore

4. 3rd place - Japan and Brazil

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Q: How many podium finishes has Lewis Hamilton had in 2009 season?
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What did Lewis Hamilton achieved?

Lewis Hamilton is a successful go-cart and F1 car racing driver. Hamilton has achieved many things in his career.He has: Won the F1 world driver's championship Was the first coloured driver to win a Grand Prix in Formula One Holds the record for most consecutive podium finishes by a driver in their first season Recieved the OBE from the Queen Elizibeth the Second

Who were the last 2 British F1 drivers on the podium?

Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button on the 18th April 2010.

How many formula 1 races has Lewis Hamilton won in his life?

Lewis Hamilton has won a total of 14 races so far in his F1 career (Till end of 2010 season) He is also a one-time F1 world Drivers Champion in the year 2008. This year in 2010 he won a total of 3 races and was in the podium 9 times.

When was Vitaly Petrov's first podium in his formula 1 career?

Australia 2011, when he finished 3rd behind winner Sebastian Vettel and runner-up Lewis Hamilton.

How many points did Lewis hamilton get in this years f1 season?

999 999

Who won 2008 F1 season?

Lewis Hamilton-WDC Ferrari-WCC

What formula one race car team is Lewis hamiton in?

Up until the end of the season Lewis Hamilton has driven for the McClaren team. Next season (2013 ) he will be in the Mercedes team. PS--- The name is HAMILTON , with an L .

What is Lewis Hamiltons full name?

Lewis Hamilton's full name is: Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton

What is Lewis Hamilton famous for?

Lewis Hamilton is famous for his Formula One racing. He is a one-time F1 driver's world champion which he became in the year 2008. Also, he has won a total of 14 races and has been in the podium (Top 3) 36 times. He currently drives for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team.

Who sponsors Louis hamilton?

in the current 2009 season Lewis main sponsor is Santander , which is a bank.

How many points has Lewis Hamilton got?

Lewis has only 3 fastest laps to his credit out of the 38 races he has competed in. However he has been a very successful F1 driver winning 9 races and being on podium 22 times. He has also won the drivers world championship once in the year 2008 where he beat Felipe Massa by one point during the last race to seal the title.

How many races did hamilton win in 2008 season?

Lewis won a total of 5 races in the 2008 season :AustraliaMonaco - SpainBritainGermanyChina