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He has 13

Touchdowns this season

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Q: How many playoff wins does cam Newton Have?
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Who is better Cam Newton or Sam Bradford?

cam newton he has won more awards

How many years has cam newton played in the NFL?

cam newton came to the nfl in 1991

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What is Cam Newton?

Cam Newton was born on May 11, 1989.

What is Cam Newton's birthday?

Cam Newton was born on May 11, 1989.

What does Cam Newton play?

Cam Newton plays Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.

Is cam newton left handed?

Cam Newton is right-handed

When was Cam Newton born?

Cam Newton was born on May 11, 1989

How many total interceptions has cam newton thrown?


Is Cam Newton the first freshman to win the Heisman?

Cam Newton is a Jr, not a freshman.

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Cam Newton. He has a faster 40 time.

Is Tim Tebow andrian foster and cam newton on madden 11?

Not Cam Newton