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Q: How many playoff games have the Oakland Raiders played?
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What state do the Oakland Raiders play in?

The Oakland Raiders play their home games in Oakland, California.

What was the name of the Oakland Raiders first stadium?

The Oakland Raiders first played their home games at Kezar Stadium in 1960. They finished the last 3 home games of that season at Candlestick Park.

How many games did the Oakland Raiders win in 1995?

The Oakland Raiders record in 1995 was 8-8.

How many games did the Oakland Raiders win in 1996?

The Oakland Raiders record in 1996 was 7-9.

How many games did the Oakland Raiders win in 2009?

The Oakland Raiders record in the 2009 season was 5-11.

How many games did the raiders win 2008?

The Oakland Raiders won 5 games in 2008

Has the raiders ever played the patriots in the Super Bowl?

No. Both teams are in the same conference. They have played three times in conference playoff games.

Why did the Oakland raiders wear white at home games?

the oakland raiders wore white at home for the first time ever this year.

How many playoff games has Shaquille O'Neal played in?

Shaq has played in 203 playoff games.

How many people have been murdered at Oakland Raiders games?


How many games have the Oakland Raiders lost in the last decade?


How many AFC championship games have the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders played against each other?

The Steelers and Oakland Raiders have met three times in AFC championship games.December 29, 1974: Steelers- 24 Raiders- 13January 4, 1976: Steelers- 16 Raiders- 10December 26, 1976: Raiders- 24 Steelers- 7

What were the scores of all of the Patriots' playoff games in 2001?

Patriots playoff games in the 2001 season: Wild Card Game: Patriots 16, Oakland Raiders 13 Conference Championship: Patriots 24, Pittsburgh Steelers 17 Super Bowl: Patriots 20, St. Louis Rams 17

What NFL team lost the most games 2000-2009?

Oakland raiders

How many playoff games have the Cleveland Browns played?

The Browns have been in 36 playoff games.

Who has played in the most NBA Playoff games?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 237 playoff games

What is the head to head record between the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys?

The Raiders lead the series six games to four.

How many times have the Oakland Raiders ever played on thanksgiving day?

Through the 2008 season, the Raiders have played 5 Thanksgiving Day games: 1963 - Raiders 28, Broncos 10 1966 - Bills 31, Raiders 10 1967 - Raiders 44, Chiefs 22 1968 - Raiders 13, Bills 10 1970 - Lions 28, Raiders 14

Where is the Oakland Raiders football field?

The Oakland Raiders football field is known as "the Coliseum" and is located in Oakland, California. The field is home to the football games, as well as soccer and baseball games. Oakland is near the coast of California, just north of San Francisco. The famous University of California Berkley is also very close to Oakland.

Who was the first head coach of the Oakland Raiders?

Eddie Erdelatz was the first head coach of the Oakland Raiders and posted a 6-and-8 record in 1960. He was fired in September 1961, after the Raiders lost the first two games of the season.

Did Troy Aikman lose to Oakland Raiders?

In his 12 year career Troy Aikman never lost to the Oakland Raiders. During is tenure with the Cowboys, they played the Raiders three times. The first two games the Cowboys won in 1992 and 1995 and the third they lost in 1998. However, Aikman was out due to injury and did not play in the loss.

How many playoff games have Micheal Jordan played in?

179 games he played in playoffs

Who has played the most playoff games?

As of the 2008 season, that would be Hall of Famer Jerry Rice who played in 29 playoff games during his career.

How many playoff games have the Pittsburgh Steelers played in?

Through the 2012 season, the Steelers have played in 54 playoff games. They have a 33-21 record.

How many NBA playoff games has Tim Duncan played in?

Tim Ducan has played in 160 playoff games counting 08-09 playoffs.