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four players

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Q: How many players who won the FA Cup with Wimbledon in 1988 have played for Chelsea since?
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When did anelka play for Chelsea?

He joined Chelsea on 11th January 2008, he has played for them ever since.

Why is there Wimbledon tennis?

Wimbledon is a very prestigious event, said even by the greats as "the best event." I think it has to do with the players' feel of the atmosphere and event. Also, there is much tradition and rich history behind Wimbledon (oldest event). It is also the only grand slam event played on grass. For example, such traditions involve players wearing all white.

Is shevchenko one of the best soccer players?

Yes He is is not as good as he used to be since he moved to Chelsea, but he is still up there.

Why Manchester united played Chelsea in the community shield. Eventhough Chelsea won both fa cup and premier league?

because since its the fa cup winner against the E.P.L. winner, there was no one to play Chelsea since they won both, so since Man Utd. was the first runner up, they were Chelsea's opponent

How many games played at Wimbledon?

Since the improvements to Centre Court there are 15,000 audience seats.

How many foreign players played for arsenal since premier league started?

one million players

How many players have played for the Dodgers since 1890?

76,876, approximately.

Players who played in the premiership since 1992?

Ryan Giggs is one.

How many major league players played since baseball began?


Is it possible to verse your sibling in Wimbledon tennis?

Since there is no tennis term "verse," it is not possible to verse your sibling in Wimbledon tennis.

How long has john terry been at Chelsea FC?

He has been at Chelsea since 1995.

Name 8 players who have played for Celtic and Chelsea since second world war?

Dmitri Kharine, Tom Boyd, Craig Burley, Chris Sutton, Jiri Jarosik, Magnus Hedman, Tony Cascarino, Paul Elliot. Davie Hay & Bobby Evans that makes 10!