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There were 750 with the 25 man roster and 1200 with the 40 man roster

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Q: How many players were in the Major League Baseball in 2008?
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Who is a famous Ecuadorian in Major League Baseball?

According to Baseball Almanac, there have been no MLB players from Ecuador through the 2008 season.

How many teams are in the Major League Baseball 08?

In 2008, Major League Baseball (MLB) consisted of 30 teams.

What major league baseball players wear number double zeros?

Tommy Draus of the St. Donatus Saints wore 00 in the 2008 season.

How many Major League Baseball players are from Venezuela?

This year (2008) there are 50, including Johan Santana, Magglio Ordonez, Miguel Cabrera and Bobby Abreu.

How many black players are there in Major League Baseball?

In 2008, 'black' players in MLB increased to 10.2 percent after reaching a low of 8.2 percent the previous season, according to a report by The Associated Press.

What West Indian island produced the most major league baseball players?

According to Baseball Almanac, through the 2008 season the most former and current players born in a West Indies island is 473 in the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico is second with 226.

Who won Major League Baseball championship in 2008 in the US?

Philidelfia Phillies

How many player the New York Yankees had in 2008?

The New York Yankees had 51 total players on their 2008 Major League roster.

Percentage of Asian players in the Major League Baseball?

It's 2.4 percent for 2009, not including front office folks and managers. That's down slightly from 2008. -DokLivy

Who were the 2008 MVP's for Major League Baseball?

2008 MLB MVPsThe 2008 American League MVP was Dustin PedroiaThe 2008 National League MVP was Albert Pujols

Who was the 2008 Major League Baseball mvp?

2008 MLB MVPsThe 2008 American League MVP was Dustin PedroiaThe 2008 National League MVP was Albert Pujols

Who won the 2008 major league baseball World Series?

the philadelphia phillies won the 2008 world series

Who was the MVP of the 2008 Major League Baseball season?

2008 MLB MVPsThe 2008 American League MVP was Dustin PedroiaThe 2008 National League MVP was Albert Pujols

What is the total amount of baseball games played in Major League Baseball history?

11,305,896 as of December 2 2008

What is the most common first name in Major League Baseball in 2008 season?


How much do MLB players make?

Salaries range from $350,000 for the league minimum to $27.5 M for the highest paid player (Alex Rodriguez).The average salary has not been published for 2008 yet, but it will be somewhere between $2 - $3.5 M.the minimum wage for a Major League Baseball player is almost $400000

How many years of college do you need to play major league baseball?

None, many players are drafted out of high school. The first overall pick this year(2008) was Tim Beckham out of a Georgia High School.

Which MLB pitchers played in 2008 Olympics?

None. This is one of the reasons baseball was dropped as an Olympic sport after the 2008 Olympic Games. Major League Baseball refuses to make any allowances so players can play for their national team in the Olympics. This is the direct opposite of the National Hockey League which suspends play for three weeks during the Winter Olympics so that its players may join their national teams and participate in the Olympics.

How many home runs have been hit in the history of major league baseball?

According to Baseball Reference, there have been 245,913 home runs hit in major league play from 1871 through the start of the 2008 season.

Who won the world series baseball in2008?

In the 2008 Major League Baseball, the Philadelphia Phillies of the National League is the team that won the series and they defeated the Tampa Bay Rays of the American League in five games.

What are the top 5 highest salaried teams for major league baseball in 2008?

boston, chicago, detroit,

What is the MLS league salary minimum?

League Minimum = $33,000 (2008) League Average = $129,395 (2008) Developmental players may earn as little as $12,900 (2008)

What is David Price known for?

David Price is a major league baseball player for the Tampa Bay Rays. He is a left-handed starting pitcher and is only 27 years old. He's been in major league baseball since 2008.

What was the average total runs scored per game of Major League Baseball in 2008?

In the 2008 MLB season, the average runs scored per game in a National League game was 9.08 and in an American League game was 9.56.

Who struck out the most times in the 2008 major league baseball season?

Mark Reynolds of the Arizona Diamondbacks with 204.