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It is 4. Well that's what most of the time it is anyway. I'm not entirely sure.

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Q: How many players sit on the bench in AFL?
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How many persons sit on a netball bench?

many.. however if it is the players only 3 at a time

How many players can sit on the bench in softball?

as many as you want as long as you have enough in the field to play

Do the players that sit on the bench during the Super Bowl get a bonus?


How may players are on a soccer team?

There can as many players as the team wants but the coach can only select 16 players for a match, 11 on field and 5 on the bench. A team is usually allowed to use a maximum number of substitute of 3 players who sit on the bench.

Who are the worst players on the Celtics?

The players that sit on the bench the entire game. -Mikki Moore -Marquis Daniels -Andrew Jones

What is the bench players in fantasy football?

The term bench points in basketball refers to how many points the non-starting players of a team score in a game. They are called bench points, because the player begins the game sitting on the bench, as opposed to on the court. These points do not count more or less than the points scored by starters.

What does they sit en banc mean?

they sit on the bench

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lets sit on the bench

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Type your answer here... alot

Bench Cushions?

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it is a pass that allows you to sit on a bench expensive though!!! love Anton

What is a gossip bench?

small bench with attached table for a phone. The idea is to sit and gossip on the phone.