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B McCullum (KKR) 158* 73 balls 10 4s 13 6s v RCB 2008

M Hussey (CSK) 116* 54 balls 8 4s 9 6s v KXIP 2008

Symonds (DC) 117* 53 balls 11 4s 7 6s vs RR 2008

Gilchrist (DC) 109* 47 balls 9 4s 10 6s MI 2008

Jayasuriya (MI) 114* 48 balls 9 4s 11 6s v CSK 2008

Shaun Marsh 115 69 balls 11 4s 7 6s v RR 2008

AB de Villiers (DD) 105* 54 balls 5 4s 6 6s v CSK 2009

Manish Pandey (RCB) 114* 73 balls 10 4s 4 6s v DC 2009

Yusuf Pathan (RR) 100 37 balls 9 4s 8 6s v MI 2010

Warner (DD) 107* 69 balls 9 4s 5 6s v KKR 2010

Murali Vijay 127 56 balls 8 4s 11 6s v RR 2010

Jayawardene (KXIP) 110* 59 14 4s 3 6s v KKR 2010

Valthaty (KXIP) 120* 63 balls 19 4s 2 6s v CSK 2011

Sachin Tendulkar (MI) 100* 66 balls 12 4s 3 6s vs KTK 2011

Chris Gayle (RCB) 102* 55 balls 10 4s 7 6s vs KKR 2011

Sehwag (DD) 118 56 balls 13 4s 6 6s 2011

Chris Gayle (RCB) 107 49 balls 10 4s 9 6s vs KXIP 2011

Gilchrist (KXIP) 106 55 balls 8 4s 9 6s vs RCB 2011

Rahane (RR) 103 60 balls 12 4s 5 6s vs RCB 2012

Pietersen (DD) 103* 64 balls 6 4s 9 6s

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Q: How many players scored century in ipl in all?
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Christopher Gayle of the West Indies

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Out of all the centuries scored in IPL till date five have been scored by players from a single country Name the country?


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What do you mean by a first class century?

A first class century is any century scored outside of International or Test play. For example, if a player playing for Middlesex scored a century against Somerset in the English County Championship that century would be recorded as a first-class century. Centuries scored in limited-overs cricket are counted in a completely different category along with all limited-over statistics.

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