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10 of course names 1 Jordan spears 2 Jordan spears 3 Jordan spears 4 Jordan spears 5 Jordan spears 6 Jordan spears 7 Jordan spears 8 Jordan spears 9 Jordan spears and 10 Jordan spears

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I really don't think you would be able to find an exact answer for this question

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Q: How many players played for jets and packers?
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How many university of Wisconsin players played for the green bay packers?

RankSchoolPlayers1Notre Dame52

How many players in Packers' history have worn the number 4?

5 Players 5 Players

How many players in packers history have worn number 4?

5 Players 5 Players

How many games have the jets played?

The jets have played 12 games.

How many SEC players play for the GB Packers?


How many players have Super Bowl rings with the bears and packers?


How many football players are on the New York Jets?

63 63

How many teams has Brett Favre played for?

4 the Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, and right now Minnesota Vikings. Your Welcome most of you don't think he played for the Falcons he did in his rookie year look it up.

How many seasons did bett farve play for the packers?

Brett Favre played with the Packers for 16 seasons. He was drafted in 1991 by the Falcons; traded to the Packers in 1992; started his first game on September 27, 1992 against the Steelers; retired from the Packers on March 4, 2008 after the 2007 season; came out of retirement to play for the Jets in 2008, and then became a world-class-traitor when he signed with the Vikings on August 18, 2009.

How many times have the colts played the packers?


How many Mizzou football players are active in the NFL?

According to, the following players who attended Missouri are on an NFL roster in the 2007 season: Dwayne Blakley - Atlanta Falcons Atiyyah Ellison - San Francisco 49ers Justin Gage - Tennessee Titans C.J. Mosley - New York Jets Tony Palmer - Green Bay Packers Brad Smith - New York Jets Justin Smith - Cincinnati Bengals

How many NCAA and NFL football trophies are named after GB packers coaches and players?