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Q: How many players played for 4 european giant football clubs?
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Name 5 football players who have not won the European cupchampions league but have played for at least 4 clubs who have won it?

Brazillian Ronaldo is one of them.

Have any forest players played for other European cup winning clubs?


What Liverpool players have played for three different clubs and won the European cup at some stage?

It is Glen Sytnk.

Football that starts with a f?

football players football clubs international football and football players

Are there any well know players in US football team?

Yes Demsey , howard Donovon all played in English clubs.

Why do European soccer players such as Henry or Beckham come to play in America?

These players played their time in famous clubs, but as they have reached the age of say 33 , big clubs will not take them in Europe, so the M.L.S is a the place to play for a few years.

Where is spian football team now?

The players are back at their clubs, or are on holiday.

What African football players play in English football clubs?

well there is gyan and essien and probably more

Can you name three players who've played at five clubs who have won the European Cup.?

Ronaldo the fat one,Edgar Davids and may be Kluivert

What do football players do when they retire?

Spend their money or invest in clubs or manage a club.

What football clubs players has provided England with the most goals?

Wyne Rooney

Which players have won the premiership and managed football clubs?

I know two players Steve Bruce and Roy Keane.