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Q: How many players on Baltimore Ravens played for a Florida college team?
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What players played on the Baltimore Ravens in 2001?

See the link below for the complete 2001 Ravens roster.

What NFL players retired in 2008?

Johnathan Ogden from the Baltimore Ravens

How many players do the Baltimore Ravens have?

All NFL teams carry 53 players on their rosters.

Which is correct Baltimore Ravens are or Baltimore Ravens is?

Baltimore Ravens are. Like in the sentence the Baltimore ravens are awesome!

Where did Bart Scott for the Baltimore Ravens play college football?

Southern Illinois University

Where are the Baltimore Ravens?


What is the season for the Baltimore Ravens?

The 2010 season will be the Ravens' 15th in Baltimore.

How would a person join the Baltimore Ravens team?

A person would be drafted by the Baltimore Ravens organization. You would need to be a phenomenal high school and/or college football player to be considered for the draft.

What information does Baltimore Ravens give?

The Balitmore Ravens are a football team in Baltimore, Maryland. There is avalible information on statistics, prices for a game, game times and places, fun facts about players, and information on the teams history.

Which NFL Team has the most player on the NFL top 100 list?

Baltimore Ravens. 7 players.

What NFL team does Zach Orr play for?

Michael Orr currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens. (On his uniform, his name is spelled "Oher.")

What number is Michael ohere of the Baltimore Ravens?

He was given number 74, same as his college number.