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7 players

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Q: How many players of Manchester united died in the 1958 plane crash?
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Manchester united players died?

They died in a plane crash on 6th feb 1958.......was a terrible day

What is the name of the movie based on plane crash in which Manchester united players died?

It's called UNITED GR8 FILM

When did the Manchester United plane crash?

6 February 1958

What was the date of the plane crash of Manchester united?

6 February 1958 in Munich

In 1958 Manchester united had its worst disaster what caused this?

it was a plane crash in munich. The plane crashed during take off it was caused by ice and snow on the plane and runway i think 8 players were killed. The team was called Busby Babes after the manager Matt Busby.

Did Sir Matt Busby die in the Manchester United plane crash?

No. The plane crash was in 1958, and Matt Busby was still Manchester United manager when they won the European Cup in 1968. However, he was seriously injured. He had to go on crutches and was told by the doctors that he may nver walk again, but persevered and eventually did go on to walk

On February 6th 1958 eight Manchester United football players were killed in a plane crash By what nickname were they generally known?

Eight players - Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Mark Jones, Duncan Edwards, Billy Whelan, Tommy Taylor, David Pegg and Geoff Bent - killed in the 1958 plane crash were within the group collectively known as the Busby Babes, a term coined by Frank Nicklin, who was a reporter with the Manchester Evening News.

Do Manchester united have their own private plane?


What is the name of the New York Yankees player who died in a plane crash?

Sadly, the Yankees had two players that died in a plane crash. Thurman Munson (1979) and Cory Lidle (2006).

Tragic events in Munich?

In 1958 there was the Munich air disaster, when 20 people died in a crash of a plane that had the Manchester United Football team on it. In 1972 athletes were kidnapped at the Munich Olympics. 11 of them were killed.

How many miles from southport to Manchester?

People can get to Southport, United Kingdom from Manchester, United Kingdom by plane in about 35 minutes. There is only 34 miles between the two cities

Who died in the slipknot plane crash?

umm...there was no plane crash...

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