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Q: How many players maximum an NHL organization can have including active roster and prospects?
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What is the maximum amount of players you need to play soccer?

on a field at once it is eleven including the goalie, and on a roster it is a maximum of 22 i believe

What is the maximum number of cricket players on a team?

Maximum number of players on a cricket team is 11

How many players can a hockey team have on its roster?

Hockey Canada has a maximum of 23 players per roster USA hockey has a maximum of 21 players per roster NHL has a maximum of 30 players per roster

How many offensive players can go out for passes?

Not including the Quarterback, though he is eligible, a maximum of 5 players may be eligible to receive a pass as long as they are not "covered up" by another receiver.

What is the maximum players on a golf course?

In one group there is a maximum of a fourball.

What is the maximum raise in a game of poker?

The maximum is determined by the house or by the players.

What is the maximum number of NHL teams?

There does not seem to be information on the maximum number of NHL teams in the league. However, the maximum numbers of players on an NHL team is eighty players.

What the maximum number of players on a baseball team?

25 Active Players 40 Players on the roster

What is 15 M P in a B T?

15 (Maximum) Players in a Basketball Team*In the NBA, there must be a minimum of 10 players on a team and a maximum of 15 players.

Is the Taekwondo has a tendency to be a street-oriented fighting prospects like Kali?

No, the rules of Taekwondo prohibits the players from taking part in the street oriented fighting prospects like Kali.

How many players are the court for floorball?

1) During play, at the most six players in each team, including only one goalkeeper, may be on the rink simultaneously. 2) Each team is allowed to use a maximum of 20 players.

What are the maximum and the minimum of players a rounders team can have?

The minimal is 6 and the maximum is 15

How many soccer players on the field at one time?

There can be a maximum of 22 players

How many basketball players to a team?

A minimum of 10 players to a maximum of 15 players can be on a basketball team.

What is the maximum players in a team in a Hostage Rescue Round?

13 is the maximum. Usually it is 10.

Is there a maximum number of players on a basketball team?

In the NBA, you can have a max of 15 players on your roster.

How many players are supposed to be on a team of soccer?

for professional soccer, you can have 30 players as a maximum.

How many players is MAG on PS3?

256 players maximum can play in one match.

Minimum number of players in a cricket team?

What is the maximum number of players in a cricket

How many players on field for soccer?

Maximum is 22

What is the maximum number of players in any mode?


How many maximum players in table tennis?


How many players is call of duty 5?

The maximum number of players in unknown at this time. The game is not out yet and Treyarch has yet to say what the maximum number is going to be.

What is a maximum number of players on a football roster?

regular season 55 players pre season 70or more players

How many players can play Avatar the Last Airbender into the inferno Wii?

Maximum of two players