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There can be 5 at a time on the court.

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Q: How many players max on a NBA team?
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Is there a maximum number of players on a basketball team?

In the NBA, you can have a max of 15 players on your roster.

How many people are on an NBA team?

15 is the max people on a NBA team

How many baseball players are allowed on the field for each team?

nine players max.

How many players are there in a shuttle badminton team?

there would usually be max 4 players

How many people are in a vollyball team?

6 is the max that can be on the court but there are usually 10-15 players

How many players are playing in NBA?

There are 30 NBA teams at present. They are each allowed a total of 15 players signed and practicing, with 12 active. The exact number varies from day to day, but one can assume that the number playing actively is 360 max.

Who is max zaslofsky?

Max Zaslofsky was a basketball player who played at the beginning of the NBA in the 1940s. He was named to the All-NBA first team in the 1946-47 season at the age of 21 and was the youngest player so honored until LeBron James was named to the All-NBA first team. He was also named to the All-NBA first team three other seasons. He also the first coach of the New Jersey Nets of the American Basketball Association in 1967.

How many players can play in survial mode on ps3 mw3?

1 - 4 players max in a game

How many players can play on the Sims on the GameCube?

Players:2 Max family members creatable:4

How many baseball players are on the Red Sox?

Max 40 min 25

Who are some of the players on the Bakersfield Condors team?

Some of the players on the Bakersfield Condors team are; Peter Boyd, Nicholas Trembay, Evan Trupp, Levi Nelson, Phil Mangan, Max Campbell, Kyle Haines and Chris Haltigin.

How much do NBA players get paid each year?

Depends on what type of player. Pretty much no nba player makes less than 1 million. And the max contract is 20 milllion a year. Probably like 3-5 million per year if you decided to average out every players salary.

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