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Q: How many players in a basketball team team including subs?
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How many palyers are on a basketball team including subs?

on average, about 12 players, maby 15

How many players were on a team when basketball originated?

10 with 3 subs

How many subs are you aloud in a game of rounders?

There is 11 players including subs and 9 if you don`t have any subs.. so there is your answer!

What is the numbers of player in basketball?

7. With role on subs.

Total of five players on a basketball team no subs what happens if one of the five foul out of the game?

If one of the five players on the team get fouled out of the game and you don't have subs you just play with only 4 players.

How many people ina basketball team?

5 Players on the court for a team at one time. Most teams also have anywhere from 5 to 7 subs.

How many subs can you have in the game of basketball in high school?


Number of players including substitutes in a soccer team?

There are 11 players on the field, and there can be up to about 18 total players, so there are 7 subs.

How many people are there on rugby?

In the Union game there are 15 players perside and 5 subs and in the League code there are 13 players perside and 4 subs

In Rugby League how many players are there in the team?

13 players on each size plus subs

How many players are on each rugby team?

there is 22 players in a team. but only 15 play at a time you can roll subs so others can go on

How many players can play in rugby?

In union its 15 per side plus subs in league its 13 a side plus subs