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Many players have won four World Series ... all most all of them played for the New York Yankees. Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter have won four World Series. Yogi Berra won the most as a player with 10, all with the Yankees. Mickey Mantle won 7 with the Yankees. Frank Crosetti was on 6 Yankee World Series winning teams as a player and 10 as a coach. The Yankees won 5 straight World Series between 1949-1953 and four straight between 1936-1939.

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Q: How many players have won four world series rings?
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How many World Series rings did Derek Jeter have by 2002?

Derek Jeter had four World Series rings by 2002.

How many current members of the New York Yankees team won 7 World Series rings?

There are no current players on the Yankees with 7 rings. There are four players with 5 rings (Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte)

How many World Series rings does Joe Torre have?

Torre, who never appeared in a World Series as a player, earned four championship rings as the manager of the New York Yankees (1996, 1998, 1999 and 2000).

How many current Pats players don't have Super Bowl rings?

Presently all but four players.

What players have the most Super Bowl rings?

The player with the most Super Bowl rings in Charles Haley with five. He won two with the San Francisco 49ers (SBs XXIII and XXIV) and three with the Dallas Cowboys (SBs XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX). Mean Joe Greene of the Pittsburgh Steelers has 6 rings, the most total rings held by a former player (four as a player and two with the Pittsburgh staff). Many players have four rings. Terry Bradshaw and many of the players of the Pittsburgh Steelers from the 1970s have four rings. Joe Montana and many of the players of the San Francisco 49ers of the 1980s and 1990s have four rings.

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How many current Pittsburgh Steelers players have 4 or more Super Bowl rings?

There are no current Steelers players with four Super Bowl rings. The most any current player on the team has is two.

How many wins does a team need to win the World Series?

A team must win 11 games in order to be the World Series champions. Three in the Division Series, four in the Championship Series and four in the World Series.

How many Pittsburgh Steelers players currently have six Super Bowl rings?

Nobody has six. Just four.

What planet has four rings?

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What player has hit the most home runs in a single world series game?

Only four players have had three-homer games in World Series competition -- Babe Ruth (who did it twice), Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols and Pablo Sandoval.

How many World Series has the Detroit Tigers won?

The Tigers have one four World Series.

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