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Q: How many players have played for ac milan and man utd?
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Which players have played for both man utd an inter milan?

Mikael Silvestre, Paul Ince.

Which players have played for both AC Milan and Manchester United?

Jesper Blomqvist was with AC Milan before he joined Man Utd, via Parma. David Beckham began his career at Man Utd and had many successful years there, before joining Real Madrid and then LA Galaxy, where he had a loan spell at AC Milan.

How many players played for Celtic and man united?


How many Aberdeen born players played for man utd?

Law, buchan.

Name 6 football players who played for Man Utd and AC Milan?

beckham, ronaldinho, petey pablo, mike Jones, Denise Richards, mike krzwecvski

Who has played for man utd and Milan?

Jesper Blomqvist Jaap Stam

How many man united players have also played for Chelsea?

Juan Sebastien Veron

How many players have played for both Glasgow rangers and man utd?

David Healy

Which players have played for both Man Utd and ac milan?

ray wilkins, japp stam,beckham and 3 more help? Joe Jordan, Jesper Blomqvist, Massimo Taibi.

Which players played for man united and then played in Italy?

The guys i can think of right now are Juan Sebastien Veron and Jaap Stam Andrei Kanchelskis played for United then moved to Fiorentina, Ray Wilkins moved to AC Milan from United

How many times has man utd played ac Milan?

Ac milan beat man u 10 times in the 1880 2009 it alot of times ac milans rock go i agree aseanal is batter then ac milan n man u plus Chelsea we tha best time i live

How many teams has david beckam played for?

He has played for ac milan, la galaxy, man utd, real Madrid he also had loan spells at QPR

Who played in the Manchester derby Merseyside derby Glasgow derby and Milan derby?

Paul Ince (Man Utd, Liverpool, Inter Milan)

Which players have played for man united and man city?

It is Peter Sch Michael.

What football players have played for 5 out of Real Madrid Aston Villa Nottingham Forest Barcelona Inter Milan Man United Liverpool Benfica Ajax PSV Juventus Hamburg Bayern Munich Celtic?

Ronaldo (PSV, Barcelona, Inter, Real, AC Milan) Davids (Ajax, AC Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter)

Man Utd v AC Milan?

yes because they play better football and have better players such as Ronaldinho, Pirlo etc

Who is the only man to have played in the merseyside derby Manchester derby and milan derby?

Paul Ince

Players played for Liverpool and man utd?

manu suck

Which players have played for villa and man utd?

Dwight Yorke?

What Asian players have played for man city?

Sun Jihai

Five players that played with four clubs that won the champions league?

Dean Saunders (Liverpool, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Benfica) Clarence Seedorf (Ajax, Real Madrid, Inter, AC Milan) Jaap Stam (PSV, Man Utd, AC Milan, Ajax) Patrick Kluivert (Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona, PSV)

Teams in which David Beckham has played for?

Man Utd Real Madrid LA Galaxy AC Milan

What teams has David beckem played for?

man utd,real madrid,la galaxly,ac milan

How many players are in a cricket team plus the twelfth man?

12 players

Which Liverpool players have played for Man City?

robie fowler and anelka