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Through the 2009 season, for players that played at least 200 NFL games 57 played for only one team:

1) OL Bruce Matthews, Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans - 296 games played

2) CB Darrell Green, Washington Redskins - 295

3) K Jason Hanson, Detroit Lions - 285

4) OL/K Lou Groza, Cleveland Browns - 268

5) OL Jackie Slater, Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams - 259

6) OL Mike Kenn, Atlanta Falcons - 251

7) K Pat Leahy, New York Jets - 250

8) OL Jeff Van Note, Atlanta Falcons - 246

9) OL David Binn, San Diego Chargers - 244

10) QB Dan Marino, Miami Dolphins - 242

11) C Mick Tingelhoff, Minnesota Vikings - 240

12) K Jim Bakken, St. Louis Cardinals - 234

13) QB John Elway, Denver Broncos - 234

14) LB Derrick Brooks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 224

15) DL Too Tall Jones, Dallas Cowboys - 224

16) OL Will Shields, Kansas City Chiefs - 224

17) DT Joe Nash, Seattle Seahawks - 218

18) DB Bill Bates, Dallas Cowboys - 217

19) OL Gene Upshaw, Oakland Raiders - 217

20) DL Michael Strahan, New York Giants - 216

21) LB Monte Coleman, Washington Redskins - 215

22) DB Jimmy Johnson, San Francisco 49ers - 213

23) OL Bruce Armstrong, New England Patriots - 212

24) DL Elvin Bethea, Houston Oilers - 210

25) K Fred Cox, Minnesota Vikings - 210

26) C Jim Otto, Oakland Raiders - 210

27) DL Randy White, Dallas Cowboys - 209

28) LB Jessie Tuggle, Atlanta Falcons - 209

29) DL Bryant Young, San Francisco 49ers, - 208

30) OT Len Rohde, San Francisco 49ers - 208

31) DT Merlin Olsen, Los Angeles Rams - 208

32) OL Howard Cross, New York Giants - 207

33) P Ray Guy, Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders - 207

34) CB Ken Riley, Cincinnati Bengals - 207

35) OL Randy Rasmussen, New York Jets - 207

36) OT Art Shell, Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders - 207

37) OT Charley Cowan, Los Angeles Rams - 206

38) DL Julius Adams, New England Patriots - 206

39) LB Reggie Williams, Cincinnati Bengals - 206

40) OG Steve Wisniewski, Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders - 206

41) C Dave Dalby, Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders - 205

42) LB Kyle Clifton, New York Jets - 204

43) OT Doug Dieken, Cleveland Browns - 203

44) OL Tom Rafferty, Dallas Cowboys - 203

45) OG Gene Hickerson, Cleveland Browns - 202

46) DL Jack Youngblood, Los Angeles Rams - 202

47) OL Joe Scibelli, Los Angeles Rams - 202

48) QB John Brodie, San Francisco 49ers - 201

49) LB Scott Studwell, Minnesota Vikings - 201

50) RB Mack Strong, Seattle Seahawks - 201

51) DB Donnie Shell, Pittsburgh Steelers - 201

52) DE George Martin. New York Giants - 201

53) LB/K Wayne Walker, Detroit Lions - 200

54) OT Russ Washington, San Diego Chargers - 200

55) LB Mo Lewis, New York Jets - 200

56) WR Steve Largent, Seattle Seahawks - 200

57) DB Mel Blount, Pittsburgh Steelers - 200

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either 10 or the next person that tells you,there lying,or there full of ........

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Paul Pierce tim duncan Kobe Bryant dirk nowitzki

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Q: How many players have only played for one Nba team in their entire career?
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