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either 10 or the next person that tells you,there lying,or there full of ........

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Q: How many players have only played for one Nba team in their entire career?
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How many baseball players played their entire career with the same team?

Bad players.

How many teams did Derek Jeter play in during his career?

Jeter played for the Yankees his entire career.

How many teams have Kobe Bryant played for?

Kobe's only played for the Lakers in his entire career

How many teams has Derek Jeter played on?

Derek Jeter has played his entire career with the New York Yankees.

How many teams has Marvin Harrison played for?

One as of 2008. Harrison has player his entire career with the Colts.

How many teams has Mariano Rivera played for?

Through 2011, Mariano Rivera played his entire 17 season career with the New York Yankees.

How many years did Terry Bradshaw play in the NFL?

Terry Bradshaw played 14 seasons in the NFL. He played his entire career for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

How many teams did Dan Marino play for?

He played for the Miami Dolphins only, spending his entire 17-season career there.

Reggie White played for many teams in his career what teams colors did he paint his personal weight room through out his entire career?

orange and white (Tennessee Volunteers)

How many players have had no yellow cards in their career?


How many playoff wins does Terry Bradshaw have?

Terry Bradshaw played his entire career with the Steelers. His playoff record was 14-5.

How many seconds did Jackie Robinson play in the major leagues?

Come on..what kind of question is this. Robinson played 10 seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers, his entire Major League career. Playing time is not measured for individual players, only the time of the game.

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