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Since 1903, a player has hit two homers in the same World Series game 51 times. The last major leaguer to do it was Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants, who actually hit three homers in Game 1 of the 2012 World Series.

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Q: How many players have hit 2 home runs in a single World Series game?
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Which of these players pitched the most innings in a single World Series game?

Babe Ruth

What player has hit the most home runs in a single world series game?

Only four players have had three-homer games in World Series competition -- Babe Ruth (who did it twice), Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols and Pablo Sandoval.

What is the biggest baseball event?

Probably the World Series. If you mean a single event, probably the All Star game, or the first game of the World Series.

In baseball world series games are all players eligible to play in each game?


Who has hit the most home runs in a single MLB postseason game?

Five players have hit three home runs in a single postseason game. Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson did it in the World Series. Three players accomplished the feat in a League Championship Series: Bob Robertson of the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1971; George Brett of the Kansas City Royals in 1978; and Adam Kennedy of the Anaheim Angels in 2002.

Who holds the record for the most home runs in both a World Series and a single World Series game?

Reggie Jackson hit three home runs in Game 6 of the 1977 World Series. He also hit five overall homers in that Series.

Who was the last Chicago Cub to get a hit in a World Series?

SS Roy Hughes, a single, in the 9th inning of Game 7 of the 1945 World Series.

What three famous players in the baseball World Series would never play another game after the Series ended?

The three outstanding players of the 1947 World Series in New York City were Cookie Lavagetto and Al Gionfriddo of the Dodgers and pitcher Bill Bevens of the Yankees.

How did the Brooklyn weather affect a World Series playoff game in October of 1994?

The weather did not affect any World Series games in 1994. On August 12 the players went on strike which caused the league to cancel the World Series.

Three players share the record for hits in one World Series?

In the 1990 World Series, Cincinnati Reds outfielder Billy Hatcher tied New York Yankees catcher Thurman Munson's record of seven consecutive hits over the first two Series games. Munson's pulled off the feat in the 1976 World Series.

How many World Series has Edgar rentaria won?

2 ... 1997 Florida Marlins and 2010 San Francisco Giants.

What did Albert Pujols do in game 3 of the 2011 world series?

He hit 3 home runs in a single World Series game. He joined Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson in that elite group of hitters to do so.