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2. Ray Lewis (middle linebacker) and Jamal Lewis (running back)

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Q: How many players had the last name of Lewis on the Baltimore Ravens' 2005 roster?
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Who are the only original players on the ravens?

The two players that were on both the 1996 roster and 2008 roster are LB Ray Lewis and K Matt Stover.

What is Kapron Lewis-Moore's number on the Baltimore Ravens?

Kapron Lewis-Moore is number 67 on the Baltimore Ravens.

What are all the teams that ray lewis played for?

Dion Lewis plays for the Cleveland Browns.

When did ray Lewis get drafted?

1996, to the Baltimore Ravens.

Who led the Baltimore Ravens to the Super Bowl?

Ray Lewis

Baltimore Ravens oldest and active NFL player?

Ray Lewis #52. 16 years with Baltimore Ravens he is 36 years old.

How many interceptions does ray Lewis have?

Ray Lewis has 31 career interceptions with the Baltimore Ravens

Does ray Lewis have a Super Bowl ring with Baltimore Ravens?


What NFL team does Kapron Lewis-Moore play for?

Kapron Lewis-Moore plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

Who was the mvp in the 2000 Super Bowl?

Ray Lewis, linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens

Is Ray Lewis and Ray Ethridge related?

No, but they played together on the Baltimore Ravens.

What is the name of the Baltimore Ravens lain backer who is retiring after this game?

Ray Lewis.