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There are 30 teams in the NBA, therefore, 30 players were drafted in the first round.

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Q: How many players got drafted in the nba on the first round?
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Which player was not drafted in the 1st round by the Lakers?

There were many players not drafted by the Lakers in the first round, too many to be named. nick van exel

Oklahoma state players that have been drafted into the nfl?

many most recently Brandon Pettigrew TE being drafted number 20 in the first round by the Detroit Lions

How many people can be drafted in a NFL?

224 players. 7 rounds, 32 picks a round, 224 players.

How many kickers and punters have been selected in the first round of the NFL Draft?

Sebastian janikowski was the 5th place kicker Ray Guy was drafted in the first round by the Raiders in 1973 Charlie Gogolak was drafted in the first round by the Redskins in 1966 Russell Erxleben was drafted in the first round by the Saints in 1979

How many Ohio state football players have been drafted in the first round of the nfl draft?

Seventy. This is the second most, USC with the most with seventy two.

How many players have been drafted first round by Duke basketball?

Duke University has one of the richest basketball traditions in the United States. To date, Duke has had 35 first round NBA draft picks. The first came in 1963 and the most recent came in 2014.

How many NBA players drafted each year?

60 (2 rounds with 30 picks in each round )

How many Florida gators have been drafted in the first round?


How many players been drafted from University of Oregon in 2011?

1 ... LB Casey Matthews by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 4th round.

How many players were drafted into NBA in 2008?

60 players were drafted into the NBA in the 2008 draft

Who in the NFL did not get drafted?

Many players have never been drafted.

How many players are drafted nba?

60 players

How many rounds are there in the MLB Home Run Derby?

There are 3 rounds. The first round has 8 players and the top 4 players advance to the second round. The second round has 4 players and the top 2 players advance. The totals for the first round are counted again in the second round - a good first round can sometimes guarantee entrance to the final round. The final round is head-to-head.

How many times did Ray Lewis get drafted?

Ray Lewis was drafted once. He was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the 1996 NFL Draft.

How many first round draft picks won Super Bowls their first season?

No person selected with the first pick of an NFL draft has ever won the Super Bowl as a rookie. But there have been several players drafted in the first round who won a championship, including Lynn Swann of the 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers and Tony Dorsett of the 1977 Dallas Cowboys.

How many college football players get drafted by THE NFL?


How many first first draft picks have the baltmore Indianapolis Colts have in NFL?

All teams have 1 pick in the first round unless you trade for multiple first round draft picks, but not many teams do that since the first round has the best players.

How many university of Michigan players have been drafted into the NFL?

10 players

How many years lebron been in the nba?

LeBron Raymone James was drafted in 2003 first round, first pick, by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

How many players are picked in round1 of the NFL draft?

there are 32 collegiate players selected in the first round of the NFL draft

On average how many pro football players are drafted and then not go on to play for the team that drafted them?


How many players are drafted into the NBA each year?

57-60 players a year

How many Ohio state players were selected in the 2010 NFL draft?

there was only two players drafted from Ohio state in the 2010 nfl draft they were thaddeus Gibson DE round 4 pick 116 Autin Spitler LB round 7 pick 252

How many draft picks are in the NBA draft?

two rounds of 30 each one, total- 60. players who picked in the first round- get a contract. players who picked in the secend round- will have to be in a training camp to get into a team.

How many Auburn players have been drafted into NFL?