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Not as many as you might think. But the Dallas Cowboys' first pick in the 2014 National Football League college draft was a member of the Fighting Irish -- offensive lineman Zack Martin, who can play several positions on the offensive line. Martin had a stellar rookie season and was selected to the Pro Bowl.

Among the other Notre Dame players who have been Cowboys: QB Bob Belden (1969-1970); OT Phil Pozderac (1982-1987); DB Stan Smagala (1990-91); QB Steve Beuerlein (1991-92); WR Raghib Ismail (1999-2001); OT Kurt Vollers (2002-2004); RB Julius Jones (2004-2007); TE Anthony Fasano (2006-2007); CB/PR/KR Allen Rossum (2009); and OT Sam Young (2010).

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None. The last Notre Dame player to play for the Dallas Cowboys was offensive tackle Sam Young during the 2010 season.

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Q: How many players from Notre Dame are playing for the Dallas Cowboys?
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He attended Notre Dame Julius Jones attended Notre Dameand was a 2nd round pick of the Cowboys in 2004.

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