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According to, the following players from Boise State on are NFL rosters in 2007: Gerald Alexander - Detroit Lions

Chris Carr - Oakland Raiders

Daryn Colledge - Green Bay Packers

Korey Hall - Green Bay Packers

Quintin Mikell - Philadelphia Eagles

Legedu Naanee - San Diego Chargers

Jeb Putzier - Houston Texans

Derek Schouman - Buffalo Bills

Kimo Von Oelhoffen - Philadelphia Eagles

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Seven players from Boise State played at least one game with an NFL team in 2009:

1) DB Orlando Scandrick, Dallas Cowboys

2) TE Derek Schouman, Buffalo Bills

3) WR Legedu Naanee, San Diego Chargers

4) FB Korey Hall, Green Bay Packers

5) DB Gerald Alexander, Jacksonville Jaguars

6) DB Chris Carr, Baltimore Ravens

7) DB Quintin Mikell, Philadelphia Eagles

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Through Opening Day, 2010 ... 44.

Seven Boise State players have seen action in the 2010 season ... DB Quintin Mikell (Eagles), DB Kyle Wilson (Jets), LB Korey Hall (Packers), DB Gerald Alexander (Jaguars), WR Legedu Naanee (Chargers), DB Orlando Scandrick (Cowboys), and DB Chris Carr (Ravens).

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Austin Pettis and Titus Young were both drafted. I know that Young was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the 2nd round, I believe. I'm unsure of where Pettis is, but he was definitely picked up by somebody. Besides those two, I don't have any knowledge of any other Boise State player in the draft.

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I didn't see Ryan Clady's name he is the sometime pro bowler that i believe is from Boise State too

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Q: How many players from Boise State are on NFL rosters in 2010?
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