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Each team is allowed to have twelve players on the field at any one time (one more per side than in American football) and, technically speaking, all twelve are allowed to rush the quarterback. But I have never seen that happen.

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Q: How many players can rush the quarterback in the CFL?
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How many players from the University of Michigan are currently in the CFL?

i thank its 213

How many players can be on a CFL team?

No Maximum but a minimum of 20 canadians

How many Americans can be on a CFL team?

19 players and up to three quarterbacks.

How many Canadian players most be on the field per side in CFL game?


How many Americans can be on the field in the CFL?

American players are called 'imports.' Each team is allowed to field 12 players. There is no limit as to how many of the 12 can be imports.

Are points awarded for hitting the quarterback in CFL football?

No, but sometimes you get a lot of cheers from the crowd

Has a players strike begun in the CFL?

Players' strike has already begun in the Canadian Football League (CFL) following distribution of strike ballots by priority mail.

Can CFL players play in NFL postseason?

They can if the get drafted.

How many players are there per side in CFL?

12 on the field per side so 24 total.

Single game CFL rushing record for a quarterback?

Nealon Greene july16 1999 - 180 yds

Is there gay activity in the CFL?

i would be interested to support gay players

Skills used in Canadian football?

The CFL focuses more on speed and quickness rather than brute strength as in the NFL. Many CFL players are talented (they have excellent football skills) but are considered too small and undersized to play in the NFL. Many players who were originally thought to be too unskilled to play in the NFL have proved their skills in the CFL and have had successful NFL careers thereafter. Extremely speedy players enjoy the much less cramped field in the Canadian game, which favours their style of play.