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14 all together, 1 in each opposing goal, and the remaining 12 are on the field.

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6 and 1 goalie

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Q: How many players are to play water polo?
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Why do water polo players only play with their right hand?

they don't.

Is water polo based on real polo?

It has been said that polo players that did not have the money to play on the campos (fields) played on the beaches and as the tide rose, they had to play in the water and ended up ditching the horses. This could just be legend but it is a fun story.

Can water polo players stand in the water?


How many people play waterpolo?

A team consists of six field players and one goalkeeper, you need two teams to play, so thats 14 people play water polo.

How many people play polo?

A game of polo is played by two teams composed of three or four players per team.

How many black players play professional polo?

Actually.... just this year (2010) a black water polo player retired from the game after playing the sport for over a decade.

How big is a Water Polo ball?

The pool legth depends on the level of players, and it ranges from 25 to 35 meters.

How many US colleges or universities play division III water polo?

For mens water polo there are 14 colleges/universities that play in division III. For women's water polo there are 19 colleges/universities that play in division III.

How many players for water polo?

7, players a side 14 overall. 6 players and 1 goalie, with 4-6 subs

How many people are needed to play water polo?


Do you need to own a horse to play polo?

To play polo you need at least seven horses. Most polo players own their own horses.

How many players in a water polo team can be in the water at one time?

7 for each team including the goalie.