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mmm...answer is kinda strange...but...from what i understand:

There are 15 on the field for each team at a time

There are also then an extra 7 subs for each team

Which adds up to 22

If you asking how many players play Rugby in the world...i'd say easily over a billion

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15 a side for union.

13 a side for league.

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Q: How many players are there in the Game Rugby?
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How many players are nedded to play rugby?

Rugby League has 13 players on each team. Rugby Union has 15 players on each team. There is a recognised game of seven-a-side in Rugby Union.

How many players are in a rugby league game?

26 players, 13 from each team.

What game has 12 players?


How many players a side including substitutes in a rugby world cup game?


How many players play on the field in a Rugby League game?

26, 13 on each side.

How many rugby players are there in Japan?

There are 122,598 registered rugby union players in japan.

How many players are allowed on the rugby field for one team at a time?

for rugby league it is 13 players and for rugby union it is 15 players

What is the weight for rugby?

Players of all sizes play the game

How many players are there on a rugby?


How many players are in a rugby team at the start playing?

There are 13 players on a Rugby league team compared to 15 on a rugby union team.

How many players do rugby team has?

A rugby union team has 15 players. A rugby league team (a slightly different sport) has 13.

How many players in the rugby?

two teams of 15 players