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dont trust this website it doesnt give you the right answers i got an F on my project because of this website so dont trust it

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Q: How many players are on the field for a Special Olympics soccer game?
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Do soccer players play aggressive on the field?

yes soccer players play very aggressively on the field.

Things that come in groups of eleven?

soccer players pro soccer players on the field and 11 ladies dancing

Where are players on the field in soccer?

11 on most

How many players are on a soccer field field?

11 for each team so 22.

Is there eight starting players on a soccer team?

no, there are eleven players who start on the field

Where do defenses start on a soccer field?

Defensive players are the closest players to your goalie

How many players for one team on the soccer field?

11 players in a team.

How many players on field for soccer?

Maximum is 22

How many soccer players on the field f?


How many players are allowed on the soccer field from each team?

Eleven. 1 goalie and 10 field players.

How many players are placed on the field in soccer?

There are10 on the field and one goalie .

What do soccer players do to stay healthy?

Soccer is a healthy sport sport because they players constantly move up and down the field.