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well the current # of players on San Jose Sharks is 23 players.

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Q: How many players are on the San Jose Sharks?
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What do San Jose sharks eat?

Non Sharks players and Coaches

How many players on the San Jose sharks eat burritos?

what kind of question is that? ANSWER- depends on witch were mixican

How many canadians on the San Jose Sharks?

There are currently 13 Canadians on the San Jose Sharks

What players have worn number 33 for the San Jose Sharks?

Brian Boucher

How many non Canadians on San Jose sharks team?

There are currently 11 non-canadians on the San Jose Sharks

How many logos have the San Jose Sharks created?

The San Jose Sharks have created 11 different logos (I hope this answers your question)

Does Germany have any hockey players in the NHL?

yeah Michael Goc on the San Jose sharks

How many San Jose sharks are Canadian?


What are the players on the San Jose sharks in the 2008-09 series?

Here is a link to the current roster of the San Jose Sharks

Where are the San Jose sharks based?

In san Jose California

Which NHL hockey team sent the most players to the 2010 Olympics?

San Jose Sharks (8).

When did the San Jose Sharks win the Stanley Cup?

The san Jose sharks play at the HP pavilion