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There are 18 players that are fielded/playing at any one time.

It has been the practice for quite some time for AFL [Australian Football teams] to top list 25 players as being available. Over generations of the Australian football game, the number of players 'in reserve' has changed immensely. For many decades, the team was permitted only 2 in reserve, but with the ruling that once they came on, they had to stay on - there was no 'interchange'. The interchange allowance rule came about 40 years ago, initially with only the two, but then soon permitted 4 interchange players. That has also gradually increased.

The key element, however, is that for generations now, there has been only 18 players permissable on field at any one time, although one large association used to play only 16, but that was rarely followed by any other leagues

When the AFL wanted to better promote the game internationally, especially to accommodate the smaller overseas fields, smaller markets and the smaller following, playing numbers in various countries have been reduced to 15 players and, thereafter, to as few as 9 players per side (to my knowledge).

Of course, even within Australia, many of the locals or people on picnics, etc., will knock up mock games with as many as they have available, and simply shorten the field.

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Q: How many players are on an AFL team and how many play at one time?
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