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Q: How many players are on a basketball team including varsity and junior varsity?
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Do you capitalize boys' junior varsity basketball coach in the sentence He is active as a boys' junior varsity basketball coach.?

i am pretty sure you do

Is there a weight limit for high school junior Varsity players?


What is the maximum number of players allowed on a high school varsity and junior varsity soccer team?

It is most definitely 22 players

What does varsity and junior varsity mean?

Varsity means your the athletes and you are the best athletes on the team. Jr.Varsity is the 2'nd best players.

What do the letters jv mean on NFL footballs?

junior varsity junior varsity junior varsity

Did Michael Jordan play junior high basketball?

Michael Jordan played for his JR high and High school. In high school. He played for Junior Varsity team and played for Varsity.

Who was the first black basketball player at the university of Tennessee?

According to "During the 1971-72 season, Wilbert Cherry and Larry Robinson became the University's first African-American basketball players. Mr. Cherry was a walk-on who played junior varsity. Mr. Robinson was the first to receive a scholarship to play varsity basketball."

When was The Junior Varsity created?

The Junior Varsity was created in 2002.

When did The Junior Varsity end?

The Junior Varsity ended in 2007.

What is an oxymoron for JV Basketball?

JV stands for junior varsity. Junior- small,lower,less Varsity- big,elite, higher rank something cant be big and small at the same time.

How long is a high school junior varsity basketball quarter?

every quarter is 8 minuted

What does BJPL stand for?

Basketball Junior PLayers